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The Retail Experience


Summer 2015      Issue 19



Cisco Intelligent WAN Webcast

June 16

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Living I(o)T Up the Visa Way
CiscoLive Special Session
June 11, 2015
10:30 a.m. PT
San Diego, CA
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June 7–11

San Diego, California

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Cisco Analytics Webcast

July 14

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July 26–28

Half Moon Bay, California

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With so many changes taking place in the retail industry, stores are rethinking how they approach connectivity and information management to drive the customer experience. The best digital interactions are based on an easy-to-use, high-performance approach that allows you to access and use shopper data right down to the store branch. In doing so, you not only improve customer engagement, but also give your employees the ability to interact more positively with the shopper as well. Join our summer webcasts to learn how you can use these capabilities to increase conversion and grow your sales.


June 16: Forrester and Cisco Retail Webcast

Join us on June 16 for the free retail webcast, “Delivering Successful Store-of-the-Future Experiences,” at 10 – 11 a.m. PT, 1 –2 p.m. ET. Forrester Research’s Adam Silverman, along with Cisco and Akamai experts, provide insights on these questions and others:

  • Which in-store digital experiences are growing the fastest and why?
  • How does in-store technology adoption impact retail’s top three cost drivers?
  • What are some use cases that address retail challenges and constraints?

Register today to receive an Accelerate Your Retail Applications Information Kit.

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July 14: Register for Analytics for Retail Webcast

Join us on July 14 for a second free retail webcast, “Make Your Data Meaningful: New Strategies for In-Store Shopper Experiences,” at 10 – 11 a.m. PT, 1 – 2 p.m. ET. As a retailer, you are gathering more data all the time, but what do you do with it? We’ll discuss these questions:


  • Which in-store metrics generate real-time recommendations to boost operational efficiency?
  • How can analytics help you offer hyper-relevant shopper experiences and forge enduring relationships?
  • What are some use cases that demonstrate the outcomes of connecting data to decision making?


Register today to learn how the right store analytics help drive your business, as well as a free consultation to address your specific needs.

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Learn More About Cisco Intelligent WAN

The Cisco Intelligent WAN makes all the difference in determining store network performance. Visit our Intelligent WAN solution webpage to learn more about how to use this capability to improve customer experiences and drive operations.

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New: Analytics Solutions for Retail

With Cisco’s new series of software analytics packages, you can make the best use of your store’s data. Visit our webpage to learn more about this exciting solution and how it helps you understand shoppers better based on real-time information.

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Video: Hyper-Relevance Through Consumer Context

Every Cisco retail solution uses the Internet of Everything to combine the power of devices, processes, data, and people. Watch this 2-minute video to hear expert insights on what retailers need to do to offer a connected, customized, and contextual store experience.

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