Fall 2014      Issue 16



NextPoint 2014
Oct. 5 – 7
Coronado, Calif.
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Retail Webcast: Develop Your Action Plan for Retail Analytics Success
Oct. 22
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NRF 2015
Jan. 11 – 14
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Throughout 2014, Cisco® has been running a series of webcasts focused on one of the greatest challenges facing retailers today: how to get the most out of customer and operational data. Attendees have already learned the basics of analytics theory and studied real-world examples in the store. Now, we are wrapping up this series with an IT-focused session on the technologies that enable these innovative data sources. With these capabilities, you have access to detailed information that will help you interact more effectively with your customers and streamline operations. See how "big data" can become "your data" to drive store strategies.


October 22: Register for Free Analytics Webcast

Join us on October 22 for the free Cisco analytics webcast, “Technology that Gets Down to Business: Develop Your Action Plan for Retail Analytics Success.”  Held at 10–11 a.m. PT (1–2 p.m. ET), this candid discussion allows IT and deployment leaders and managers to learn how to:

  • Implement innovative retail analytics technology
  • Drive added value from traditional and new data sources
  • Deploy mobility, wireless, video cameras, sensors, and services to jumpstart your action plan

We welcome all retailers who want to know more about how analytics enrich the customer journey and enhance business success. Register today to earn a free introductory analytics enablement meeting!

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Learn More About Analytics

Be sure to visit our Cisco Analytics Solutions for Retail webpage for additional resources to learn about creating a scalable in-store program. We are continuously adding new information to this page about planning, building, and managing your metrics programs, so check back often!

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Cisco Composite: Innovation in Data

Data virtualization is one of the techniques required for managing analytics, helping retailers unify multiple data streams to gather detailed, nuanced metrics. Cisco recently purchased Composite Software to augment our data virtualization capabilities. Learn more about this dynamic company and what it brings to Cisco solutions.

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Free Mobile Shopping Experience Workshop

For those interested in creating a more personalized customer experience, contact us for the complimentary two-to-four-hour Connected Mobile Shopping Experience Workshop. You’ll learn how to offer wayfinding capabilities alongside store mapping, product information, offers, and ads. This session also helps to identify use cases, position them in a strategy, and justify your investment.

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See Our Cisco Retail Solution Portfolio

Visit the Cisco Retail website to learn about our portfolio of solutions for the retail industry. Cisco SmartLocker offers exciting new delivery options, while the Cisco Store in a Box solution enables the entire network with a single system. Learn about Cisco Remote Expert Manager, Mobile Advisor, Digital Media Manager, and much more!

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